August 25, 2014

I love the girls with glasses and the fun videos that they post on youtube, this one especially! 

In the spirit of a new week and just for funzies, I thought I would share my happy tools as well. 

1. PEOPLE WATCHING. I love sitting and watching people as they go to and fro; what they're wearing, saying, doing. I enjoy observing how each of us are so different in our own unique ways. 

2. PAINTED TOENAILS. How can you not be happy with freshly painted toes in a bright color? 

3. SINGING. In middle school and high school I was in different choirs and I loved the excitement of singing and performing. Despite the nerdiness of it, I was happiest being on stage with the different costumes and dresses, dancing to choreographed songs and singing with the other students. 

4. MOVIES. My go-to happy movies with some popcorn are Penelope, You've Got Mail, Pride and Prejudice and Austenland. I love the cute-feel good chick flicks, what can you do?

5. WALKING. If it's by myself, a friend or with my mom and sisters, I always enjoy a good walk around the high school track or neighborhood to think and clear my head. 

6. WASHING DISHES. There's something very therapeutic to me about washing dishes and a clean kitchen.

7. ICE CREAM CONES. I typically don't eat dairy, but I love going for a soft serve ice cream cone any day.

8. THE BACHELOR/ BACHELORETTE. It's just one of my guilty pleasures to watch the show and see people go on these extravagant dates and "fall in love". Cheesy, fake and scripted I know but still. Just let me enjoy it. 

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