May 11, 2015

happy mother's day!

 Hello one and all!

 So good to talk with our family yesterday, I wish I could have talked with each of you for so much longer but so fun to see and hear how everyone is doing.

With a new transfer, I have a new companion, Sister Starnes who is also from North Carolina. She has this great accent and we are having a blast together. Turns out she was also at BYU-I the same time I was, living in the same complex and we had several of the same friends...small world. We've concluded that at some time we've probably met, but can't think of an exact time/place. She's been out 5 months and we're looking forward to working together this transfer. With this area being more wealthy and when houses are so far apart, there's always been a mentality with previous missionaries that nothing happens, that there isn't any work but we're both determined to be diligent and faithful that we will find people who are ready for the gospel! There is ALWAYS work and there are ALWAYS people, it's just on the missionaries and the members to find them. Please keep us in your prayers that we will find these precious children of God this transfer and witness miracles.

Transfer week with a new companion is always a little crazy, getting settled (especially being in a new house) and not knowing the area very well myself, we felt like chickens running around with our heads cut off, but that's mission life. So we're both happy for a new week and to not feel so scattered. Last week I told you about Linda, the appointment fell through because she can get very sick so we went by last this week and re-scheduled for this week. Then we were supposed to meet with that less active man, Robert yesterday, but with Mother's day he asked that we come next week. Understandable. We have a TON of part member families in the ward and hoping that we can work with a family as well.

 In other news, we were driving home the other night and I saw in the dark a raccoon running in the street and I did my best to get out of the way but still ran over him...first time hitting an animal ever. I felt horrible. We turned around back to the crime scene to see if he was dead but he was still there and alive! As I was driving past him, he and I made eye contact and he gave me this "what did I ever do to you?" look...poor guy.

Anyway gotta get going but hope you all have a great week!I love this gospel and know it to be true, I love being a missionary and the opportunity I have to share this message with others.

Until next week, love you all!
Sister Allen

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