May 4, 2015

Another week come and gone!

Sounds like everyone is doing well, lots of fun and exciting things happening in the Allen family :) 

This week has been full of ups and downs, but so rich and full with blessings and tender mercies from the Lord. He really is so good. 

On Wednesday I went on exchanges with Sister Hickman (from east sac) and we had so much fun! I was so grateful to be on exchanges with a sister training leader that really knew me and someone that I trust, what a blessing that is considering this has been such a challenging transfer for me. We were able to talk about a lot of different issues that I've been struggling with; she is an amazing missionary and friend, so I was excited to spend some time with her and be able to receive some words of encouragement and ways to improve/change and help this area and my companion.

Thursday we had a mini zone conference while we had the "tiwi" installed in our cars. Have you heard of them? I guess this is something they are adding to all missionary cars so that the missionaries are driving safely. It was a great zone conference; talking and discussing what we can be doing that is more right-rather than what are we doing that is wrong, referring to the talk "Which way do you face" from last general conference. Definitely gave me some thinking to do in ways that I can be doing more as a missionary. A lot came from the white handbook that we have and focusing on being more obedient...
After the conference ended we were back up to our new area with the new tiwi installed. We have to log in and out so that the system knows who is driving and it speaks to you in this loud robotic voice if you are driving too fast or aggressively which means we have to be driving the exact speed limit or it will alert the mission office. If you are being alerted too many times by the system they office will let you know, if that happens too many times they take away your driving privileges. So on the way home we're in the far right lane going exactly 55 mph and EVERYONE is passing us and looking over at us to see who is driving so dang slow..."Oh hey! Just the lds sister missionaries, enforcing the laws of the land! Carry on with your day and just drive on past us..." Kind of embarrasing but at least we're safe, right? :)

We've started teaching a couple that missionaries have been working with for several years, the Browns. We're not quite sure if they're really interested or not and can't really figure out what their needs are. The husband has a problem with organized religion, so we'll see what happens. 

I FINALLY got to see Meet the Mormons! A semi-active family invited us over for family home evening and we watched it, so good. If you haven't had the chance to watch, please do!

My companion got sick on Friday so I spent a few hours inside and then went out with the other sisters in our zone for the rest of the day, it was fun to spend some time with them. I got sick on Saturday and spent most of the day in bed sleeping, thankfully we are both feeling  a lot better and were able to go to church on Sunday. 

That's about everything to report from this week; after zone conference my companion and I have been talking a lot, she is ready and wanting to try some new ideas to work with our members so we're thinking positive and excited to see where that goes with the last two weeks of the transfer.

Thanks for all of the fun emails and updates, hope that everyone has a safe and fun week.

Love you lots!
Sister Allen

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