June 22, 2015

loving lodi!

I am here in Lodi, California and absolutely loving it. By far my favorite area so far. It's very flat, lots of farmland so the vineyards ad fruit trees stretch for miles. But gorgeous. My companion, Sister Wilson is from Pleasant Grove, Utah. This is her last transfer but she's asked me a few times to not let her get trunky haha. She wants to finish strong and stay focused, but we've been having a really good time with each other. The area is great, lots to cover and lots to work with. Grateful to be in a busy area during the summer. We can ride bikes but we're mostly in the car. We're teaching a lady named Christine who is on date to be baptized in July but we're not sure how that will work out. Lots of part member families, less-actives and recent converts that we're working with. It's so nice to be back in an area that we can contact people on the streets and have some good lessons/discussions going. Please keep new investigators in your prayers for us! As sister training leaders, we're only over four sisters so that will give us something to do as well to keep busy. 

The ward is great, we have some great members, awesome youth that are inviting friends to church and to learn more. On Sunday one girl brought her friend Rudy to church...he's been a few times already and after the meeting they came up to us asking for a book of mormon and the restoration pamphlets which we gladly gave to him. We'll have to follow up with her on how he's doing and if he'd be interested in learning more. We also have a new ward mission leader that is great. He's doing hospital rotations right now to become a doctor so we don't see him a lot but we keep in touch with him. 

The zone is great, we have some awesome missionaries and enjoy spending time with them. It's definitely getting hot here but you make do and work with what you've got!

I attached a few pictures, one with sister nardonni that we lived with in el dorado. And one from here in Lodi. i don't have any pictures yet with sister wilson but i'll send some next week!

Here's an update about the whole mission split. We had a conference call with President Jardine last night:

1. We are technically still in an area in the Sac mission until next week when President Palmer gets to California, as soon as he is here he officially holds the keys and we're in Modesto. We should be meeting him and his wife next week. 
2. We do not have the mission office address yet, they should be sending out a letter next week with all of that information. 
3. I'm curious about a new mission plaque because i'm not in the Sacramento mission anymore...but we can discuss that later.
4. Our transfer will be extending two weeks so everyone will have a two week extension on their missions because of this transfer. 
5. Because this will be a new mission, we will not be using i-Pads and they will be taking them back to the office today. They should be contacting you (parents) about refunding the money that was spent on those. 
6. There are 3 stakes from our mission (Lodi, Manteca and Stockton) and 3 from the Fresno mission. 

That's about it for now, i'll be sure to keep everyone in my prayers: homes, grandma, businesses etc. 

hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Allen 

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