December 14, 2015

"It's those girls again! Why do they keep coming?"

​Story of my life. ​Besides small children getting freaked out about us trying to see their less active mother for the third time...I love being a missionary. It's crazy how fast the time is flying and that Christmas is almost here! This week was good, sadly not a whole lot to report on. Lots of exchanges with other sisters...yeah nothing really else to add besides that. 

We found out about transfers Saturday night: Sister Neeley is leaving the area and I'm staying with Sister Munns. She just finished training up in Galt, I've been her sister training leader the two transfers that she's been out but it should be fun! I'll still be a sister training leader but on my own this time but not as many sisters, it'll be nice to have more time to work in our area. We already have a lot of appointments set for the week with our ward council and some activities lined up with our relief society president and the young women that we're wanting to find through. 

The work has slowed down the past few weeks with how busy we've been with so many sisters, but with less sisters and more time to work in the area we're hoping things will pick up. Please keep us in your prayers! 

Thank you all for the fun updates from this past week, glad to hear everyone is doing well! I hope you have a great week, thank you for all that you do and the love & encouragement you offer me. 

Love to you all, 
Sister Allen  

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