October 10, 2013


Earlier this week the future professionals at school had the incredible opportunity to have guest speaker Kelly Cardenas come talk to us! Oh my heavens, this guy was so legit. I mean, really I don't know very many people who pull off dreadlocks better than he does (besides Bob Marley...). Anyway, Kelly is a world famous hairstylist and a representative for the Paul Mitchell industry. It was so much fun having him visit the salon and come talk with us about our futures within the industry.

After he spoke to us, we decided to go bowling!! Because who wouldn't want to ditch school to go bowl with all of your favorite people on a Wednesday night? We had so much fun, even if we aren't the best bowlers.  I sure do love these girls.

And don't mind the grainy photos...all those bright flashing lights don't work too well with taking pictures!


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