October 6, 2013


I would just like to put it out there that the first weekend in October is the best of the best. Not only because of general conference but because the weather is per.fect. Blue skies, pretty trees and the crisp fall air...thankfully it hasn't snowed yet. I sometimes wish it could be October forever, but then again it wouldn't be very special then would it? 

One of my roommates and I waited for our other roommate to get off from work on Satuday night so we could go out for ice cream, while we waited we popped into Walmart so that I could buy some new lightbulbs for my room. Nothing makes you feel more independent and self-sufficient than buying new lightbulbs, throwing away the old ones and screwing in new ones. Ha jokes!

Recently I've been on a real Taylor Swift kick. That girl and I have this really serious love-hate relationship. Because some days her music makes me cringe and then on other days (like this week) I can't get enough of Tswift and have my own little dance party in my room

On Friday I chopped off a few inches of hair at school, fifty cents for a haircut really is such a steal. Now I'm playing the waiting game for my hair to look more "lived in" than this awkward blunt thing I'm rockin

This afternoon I went on a walk by myself and enjoyed all of the pretty trees, taking in this fall weather before the cold hits. Crisp weather please stay forever!

Weekend, you've been too good to me. Hurry back!  

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