October 3, 2013


Tonight for school we were told to dress up in clothes from any decade of our choice. Not having a whole lot of crazy clothes to choose from in my closet like the oh so popular acid denim, leg warmers or scrunchies, I went with the classic Rosie the Riveter look: denim shirt, bandana, lipstick. Boom! You've got it.

We all had so much fun dressing up tonight, honestly anytime that we don't have to wear all black and white makes a night at school more exciting. I really love the Paul Mitchell industry. Not only for the education we are gaining to become cosmetologists; but especially for the networking they create for future professionals so that we can be successful with job opportunities in addition to being successful in our own personal lives and with those around us. It really is such an incredible education system and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had so far while in school.

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