May 18, 2014

awkward & awesome

-the guy sitting right next to me in the lobby of the plasma center who had the entire lord of the rings movie that was playing on the TV memorized. i'm talking the accents, cadence, everything. he even had the gollum and smeagol scene as they talk to themselves (?) part down. you do you, bro. 
-grabbing some frozen whipped topping from the frozen section at winco only to make the entire cardboard box come tumbling down and the rest rolling everywhere. and everyone staring at me. 
-my sandal breaking while walking tonight, thus walking with only one shoe on and hobbling my way home 
-getting a diet dr pepper from the drivethru and spending at least three minutes searching through my mary poppins bag for my card. sorry to the three cars behind me, my bad. 
-asking someone a question and they don't hear you but the other people around you hear so then you feel awkward because you have to laugh it off, oops...guess they didn't hear me. ha
-playing mario kart with my brother tonight and losing every single round. for the record, i blame peach. she stinks. 

-the warm weather we've been having 
-springtime rainstorms
-my love for flaming hot cheetos. heart burn in a bag i tell you, but still so delish. 
-reading through this post with cooper tonight 
-the missionary preparation class i'm taking. such a great class talking and discussing missionary work and ways that we can be better missionaries. getting me so excited to put my papers in 
-emails with good news
-good friends moving back into the area and getting to catch up with them 

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