June 4, 2014

iphone overload

i should be sleeping but that's not happening so here i sit. i'm officially down to the last two months out in idaho. how is that even possible? i feel like this semester has flown by. 

memorial day weekend i turned 21! a bunch of us were talking about how fun it would be to go to lagoon for the day and remembering my work would buy us free tickets we decided to go! 

we had so much fun going on the roller coasters, swings ( one of my personal favorites), bumper cars, haunted house and the log flume. seriously is there anything more classic at an amusement park than the good ol' log flume? 

after, we dropped cooper off to spend time with some mission friends while mariel and i continued down to where her family lives. sonic and selfies were involved

it's my birthday if i want to duck face, i'm gonna do what i want!

that monday we went on a birthday morning hike 

i met up for breakfast with my friend emily from back home but we forgot to take a picture together. lame

cooper and i met up with our sister and her family for lunch at none other than our favorite place...

there was much rejoicing in the land. 

aren't they the cutest?
so it's the final countdown at both work and school. only about six(ish) weeks to go. it's bittersweet that's for sure. and to be completely honest, i'm slightly in denial. but the weather is definitely helping

last but certainly not least. i put my mission papers in tonight! it's just a few weeks before my call is here!

aaaaand that concludes the picture dump for today

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