July 15, 2014

While the cookies are baking...

Sometimes, when you have frozen cookie dough from the previous weekend and you don't really want to start getting things checked off of your to-do list you make a cookie or two...

So while the cookies bake, I've been thinking about something discussed in my missionary preparation class last week. The TA was just barely getting into the topic as I was leaving I could get to work on time, but she asked us each to ponder and then list the qualities we wanted to have as missionaries.

After talking with some mission friends, those that are still serving and those that have come home and doing some of my own thinking I came up with a list of my own (which I'm sure will increase and change over the next few weeks):

1. Do not gossip about the other missionaries (something that the TA said in the class that I really liked and felt was important)
2. Be thoughtful and considerate of my companion's feelings. Talk it out.
3. Smile at everyone I see
4. Be punctual
5. Laugh. Don't take yourself too seriously, especially when I'm still a "greenie"
6. Do push-ups everyday. Ha, just a personal goal of mine...
7. Connect and talk with the youth; I absolutely loved being friends with the sisters and elders in my ward growing and they were such an incredible influence on me
8. Don't waste time comparing to those around me (other sisters, members etc) make peace with the person God wants me to be.
9. Take pictures/videos & write in my journal.  
10. Find a miracle or something to be grateful for everyday 

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