November 11, 2014

Week Five -- Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello all! How is everyone doing???

How has it been six weeks?!?! The days are long but the weeks just flyyyy by! :)

This past week we had the new missionary meeting and interviews with our mission president and his wife. It's always so wonderful getting to spend time with them and feel the spirit that they bring. At the new missionary meeting we were able to talk and discuss issues or concerns that we've had as new missionaries and to receive guidance or counsel. 

The work has been pretty slow in East Sacramento...once again we've lost contact with Lawrence. It's definitely disappointing but important to remember the Lord's timing in all things. We know that just like all of His children, he will be ready to accept the gospel at some point and will make the changes necessary so that his life is aligned with the Lord's will. 

On Wednesday we were out trying to contact some potential investigators that lived in an apartment complex when we passed an elderly lady in the hall. Her name is Stacia (stay-sha). When we asked if we could share our message with her she tells us that she was finishing her laundry but we could come back around 4. Since that was only 25 minutes, we went and visited one of the ward missionaries that lived down the hall and went back at 4. After knocking a few times and her not answering we decided to try again the next day. As we were walking out of the apartment complex I felt the spirit tell me a few times to go back. I told Sister P that we needed to go back and try again. We went back, knocked a few times and she still didn't answer, but I looked down the hall and there she was! I kept thinking, no way! no way! She let us in and we shared half of the restoration with her and made an appointment to go back the next day. She doesn't have the best memory but keeps telling us how good she feels when we are there and what we are teaching her. Praying for her and that we can continue to meet with her  and that she will feel and know that what we are teaching is true. Miracles happen! 

Sister Photiworn went on exchanges this past Thursday so I had the opportunity to be with another sister, Sister Garrido whom I LOVE. She and I really click and have a lot of fun together. 

We had a meeting with our zone leaders and district leaders to help us think of some more creative ways that we can find more people and improve our contacting skills, I'm thinking positive about this coming week and know that if we put our faith and complete trust in Heavenly Father that  we will find those that He has prepared to receive us :)

Sister Photiworn is wonderful, we have so much fun together and are looking forward to spending another six weeks together. Last night, I was eating some cereal for dinner and told her, "Sister I just love cereal" and she says "That okay Sister Allens (that's what she calls me bahah) I really love rice" For some reason I thought that was so funny and couldn't stop laughing because she really does love 4 times a day loves rice. She's the cutest. 
Hope that everyone is doing well and has a fantastic week! Please wish Bracken a happy birthday for me! Can't believe it's his golden birthday!

All my love, 

Sister Allen

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