November 3, 2014

Week Four -- Monday, November 3, 2014

Hello all!

How is it already November! Goodness, time is flying! I am amazed how quickly the weeks pass and I am here once again writing home!

November is definitely the month for fall in California, beautiful trees, cooler weather and that crisp smoky nighttime smell(my favorite). I'm curious to see how cold it will get ​in the winter...

We've had a great week with contacting, I'm getting more comfortable with it which is great :)

I went on exchanges with the sister training leader this week and she had some wonderful ideas on how we can improve our area; different ways of teaching, finding activities for more people. I'm feeling positive that we will find more people in this area that are ready to receive us and the message that we have. 
This past week we did some service for an investigator the sisters haven't worked with for a few months and helped with his birds, and when I say helped with birds I mean we killed them. And ate them for dinner. No kidding. He had a turkey, pheasants and chickens but by the time we were finished so was the turkey hahaha. Definitely a new adventure plucking and "dressing" the turkey. Two of the elders in our zone came to help and one happily took care of two of the pheasants and then cooked one for our zone dinner on Halloween, it was actually really good! I would have never thought that we would be doing so much work with animals but it sure is fun! You can tell in the picture how much I loved plucking our friend ;)

We're continue to work with the two investigators: Kirk who we are praying will keep trying to stop smoking and Lawrence who we have contact with again! Woo! Keep both of them in your prayers. 

We visited lots of less actives this week, Janice is one and she is going to teach us to make pies this month :) 

Thank you so much for the package, we loved it! I'll have to send a few more pictures next week!
I have to go but I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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