November 3, 2014

Week Three - Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello all!

It's been a good week here in Sacramento, weather is slowly cooling down. This week we have been working a lot with less actives in the ward. I have to share with you two very cool experiences from this week that we are thinking positively about.

The first, on Tuesday my companion wanted to go visit a sister we didn't have any information about in an apartment complex. So we went over and knocked on the door, when she answered we told her we were the newest sisters in the ward and asked if we could come in and get to know her better. When she lets us in we start talking and realize that this wasn't the woman we intended to see (because we didn't know what she looked like or how old she was) but she was so nice and had the cutest daughter and told us that she was also a less active and that her husband had been talking just recently that he wanted to find a church for their daughter to grow up in. Hellooo! They aren't available for another few weeks but we'll be sure to get in touch with her soon!

The second, we were on our way to do a practice lesson with a family that has a less active son living with them and as we're walking to the apartment a woman stops us and asks us if we're going to her neighbor. We told her that we were and introduced ourselves. Her name is April and she too was a less active member and had moved here a year ago but was currently in the process of a messy divorce. She has two darling little girls that are very busy but we asked if we could come back to visit her and she accepted. We went over on Friday night to talk with her and she has A LOT on her plate right now but has recognized that she needs and wants to make changes in her life because she feels very lost and unhappy. She wasn't able to come to church but we talk with her everyday and plan to visit her again this week.  Please keep April in your prayers! 

We haven't been able to get in touch with our investigator Lawrence and we have a feeling that we won't be seeing him anymore. It's definitely disappointing but this week I have come to understand evern more that there are few things that we control as missionaries. This is HIS work, not ours. It's HIS timing and HIS children. HE knows what they need, and if right now isn't the time for someone to accept the gospel or make the changes needed, that's okay we know that everything will work out the way that it needs to. 

We had our stake trunk or treat this Saturday night (see picture) and had a blast. We saw a ton of Elsa's and Anna's and other great costumes--too cute!

I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers and is aware of the different trials in our lives. The lord is blessing the work here in East Sacramento and I'm grateful to be here. I hope everyone has a great week and can see the Lord's hand every day!


Sister Allen

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