November 3, 2014

Week Two - Monday, October 20 2014

Hello all!

Another good week here in East Sacramento! We decided to start going out on bikes more frequently so that we can talk with more people and be more visible and my companion wants to ride more this week as well! Riding is kind of scary on the streets but a ton of people bike around here so the drivers are all used to it. 

On Tuesday we got to help a potential investigator with his sheep. Going to California I didn't think I would be doing farm work but there we were chasing sheep so that we could give them their medicine for the winter. We take the whole "feed his sheep" quite literally here in Sacramento ;) it was so fun! The sheep were hysterical as we tried to get them in the same area of the field and then lock the gate and they were running and jumping everywhere, but we were able to catch all of them!

Our investigator, Lawrence is doing really well, he had earrings but then when we talked about the law of chastity and being modest he took them right out! He got a landscaping job on Saturday and overslept on Sunday so he didn't make it to church. Because he missed this week he won't be able to get baptized this Saturday which is a bummer but the Lord's timing is perfect and this will give us an opportunity to work with him more before getting baptized. 

We've been stopping by less-actives this week to see how they're doing and if we can help them and we received some referrals as well. We met one lady, Colleen who is wonderful! Keep her in your prayers that we can meet with her this week and she'll have an open mind/heart about our message. She's a very religious person and kept saying she's at a cross-roads in her life so we're thinking positive we can see her more often and teach her!

We helped with a big service project on Saturday with the other missionaries in our district to help a member move. 

The work is moving forward here, we have an incredible bishop that is very missionary-minded and works with us to find more people or to get in contact with less-actives. 

Looking forward to another week, thank you for all the love and prayers!

Much love, 
Sister Allen 

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