December 8, 2014

Week Nine-- Monday December 8, 2014

Hello hello!
How was everyone's week? :) Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas there? It kind of is here...the decorations are up but when it's only 60 degrees it doesn't really "feel" like Christmas but I'll take this winter weather over Idaho's anyday!

We've had a great week in East Sac, working hard and laughing a lot! I went on exchanges with one of the sister training leaders on Wednesday which was so much fun. I love going on exchanges with the other sisters and learning from them. We exchanged on Tuesday night and were together all day Wednesday and it rained BUCKETS. Seriously, it rained and rained. But we definitely need it so it's great. We were in their area and helped a semi-active woman help in her kitchen. We helped do her dishes from Thanksgiving almost a week before...need I say more? It was pretty gross haha but Sister Weaver (the sister training leader) is hilarious and has a great attitude. 

Thursday was a crazy day, we had to run all over town taking care of the car of going back to the dentist for Sister P's check up. Then that evening we had a practice lesson with a less-active couple. He hasn't been to church in a few years, and we had taught other lessons before that had gone great but we were teaching the Restoration and for whatever reason, something must have snapped because he completely lashed out at us and started going off on us and how the Book of Mormon and Bible did not support one another and how Joseph Smith was not a prophet. Yikes, it was pretty bad. We were able to get ourselves out of there but it was frustrating to say the least. I know that not everyone will want to hear the message that we share and teach but when it comes from a member of less than 5 years that is mocking and antagonizing feel pretty crummy. But that just comes along with the mission experience, right? Our ward mission leader was really kind and supportive when we told him we wouldn't be going back. 

Then we had our zone training which was excellent, we have an incredibly inspired mission president. We all love him so much. Having our training always motivates us as missionaries. 

Saturday was our ward Christmas party, we went over and helped set up tables (pictures below) it reminded me of the days we would set up for Breakfast with Santa and covering the vending machines with wrapping paper. Jello jiggles or a green banana anyone? Haha, it was very fun. We had a bunch of potential/dropped investigators that came which was great to see them there. The kids all dressed up and sang some Christmas songs, I love the songs from the primary book, they are so dear. Then one of our recent converts, Betty, did a small skit and we helped out as being missionaries and talking to her about the truth. She is hilarious, whenever she gets up to bear her testimony she always starts with some made-up gospel song about how much she loves Jesus... I always want to start singing along amening and hallelujahing like they do in other churches, but that wouldn't be very  reverent so I have to restrain myself ;) In the picture she's wearing a gray wig, but she is darling and has the strongest testimony of the gospel and temple work since her husband passed away a few years before she was baptized. 

Sunday night we watched the Christmas devotional, the music alone was incredible but the talks given were just as wonderful. Watch it if you haven't had the chance, should be on we went home and had a "midnight" snack aka 10:25 snack because our bedtime is 10:30 and I introduced Sister P to celery and peanut butter...not sure how she feels about it. Her snack of choice is always rice. She loves it haha. 

I'm so grateful to be a missionary and sharing the message of the restored gospel. Oh how it has blessed our lives, hasn't it? We called our district leader asking for some ideas to find new investigators because we are really struggling to find those that are prepared for our message...He suggested that with fast Sunday when praying Saturday night to pray for 10 minutes and then to listen for 10 minutes. Within the first few minutes of listening, I had a calm and peaceful feeling come over me and thought come to my mind, "it will all be alright. It will all work out in it's time". It reminds me of the emails Cooper would send home to me reminding me, "don't worry, be happy" Trust in God and be happy that you have that trust in him to know He will take care of everything. I have to remind myself that I can't compare the beginning of my mission with someone's middle or end and where they are or who've they've become. It encourages me to continue on, continue working and see what Heavenly Father has in store for me and the people that are waiting to hear this message in Sacramento. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Keep the faith and keep smiling,
Sister Allen

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