December 15, 2014

Week Ten-- Monday December 15, 2014

Hey there everyone!

How has everyone's week been? Getting ready for Christmas?
It's been a good week in Sacramento, it's been raining and raining all week.

We had our temple conference on Wednesday (pictures posted on blog) which was wonderful. It had been a few months since I had been to the temple so it was such a blessing to be with our mission president and his wife while we did a session. We are so lucky to have a temple in our mission boundaries!

And speaking of mission boundaries...over the weekend our zone leaders told us we were having a mission conference call with the president Sunday night. We all got together at the church and he read a letter from the first presidency that our mission is splitting! Half of our mission and half of the Fresno mission are combining into the Modesto, California mission. Those that are leaving the Sacramento mission will be told in January-February and the new mission should open sometime this summer. Pretty crazy! But so exciting that the work is really moving forward in this area of the world! I'll be sure to let everyone know if I've been called to move to this other mission.
Well, with the rainy and nasty weather and the business of the holiday season we've had a hard week and difficult time trying to contact people and find new investigators. It's discouraging, but I'm doing my best to keep the faith and keep trusting that Heavenly Father will provide us with a way to find those that are ready. We're working hard and trying our best, despite the expectations or goals the mission or the leaders have for us, we have to remember that we are first and foremost loyal to the Lord. And that at the end of the day, even after tracting door after door in the rain, He understands and knows that we're doing all that we can. I know that we will find those that are ready when the time is right. And until then, we just keep trying and continue to have positive, grateful attitudes. Definitely keep the people in this area in your prayers and that we will find those that are ready for the gospel!
I can't believe that this transfer is just about over...we find out on the 29th if we are being transferred. Crazy.
I hope everyone has a great week! So excited to talk with everyone next week :)
I love you all!
Keep the faith and keep smiling,
Sister Allen

Elder Lee during a service project this past week. 


Elder Thomas...Cooper Allen anyone? :)

After a few hours of tracting, we felt it was appropriate for some hot chocolate at the end of the day. 

Sister Phothiworn likes to be sneaky sneaky

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