January 19, 2015

Week Fifteen-- Monday January 19, 2015

And somehow it's Monday again! From the emails it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well, glad that today is a holiday to relax a bit. 

We had a good week; unfortunately we didn't get to meet with Jeremy last week but he has told us he's been reading from the Book of Mormon so hopefully we will get to hear from him this week...

Kirk is still doing great, no smoking and he has a job interview this week to start working for Deseret Industries. He expressed several weeks ago how he would like to start helping financially, so things aren't as tight with their budget so we are hoping he can start working. We read Jacob 5 from the Book of Mormon in our lesson...holy moly. I thought that Jacob 5 was about the scattering and gathering of Israel, right? But I have NEVER heard someone personalize and make that chapter so applicable to their own life before, so amazing. He is so knowledgeable and his testimony of the gospel grows everyday. 

We've made it a goal to work more with our members and build the missionary work there; we had a great appointment with an older couple from the ward. We weren't really sure how it would go but when we asked if there was anyone they could think of that would be interested in our message, they immediately started telling us about their neighbors from around the corner that they've been praying about trying to find a way to introduce the gospel to them. It was great to talk and discuss with them some ideas on what they could say and do for these neighbors. After our lesson with them, the wife used to teach ballroom dance classes in her home so she showed us around, AND THEN she took us into their old garage where she does voice lessons and showed us the studio there. But the best part, for the past 15 years she was a Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy impersonator. She looks just like her with all of those red hair but she showed us all of her dresses and outfits. Hysterical. Who would have guessed! 

This past weekend was a bit rough for the both of us; with a mix of the nasty weather, cancelled appointments and no lessons we both felt a bit discouraged...just gotta keep pushing. My companion had asked for a blessing from our bishop and it was one of the most sincere and powerful blessings I've heard. So grateful for that, what a wonderful thing the restored gospel and the priesthood are. We are both doing better, just trucking along and praying to continue finding/receiving those that are ready for the gospel. 

We are looking forward to a good week here, keep Jeremy and Kirk in your prayers. 

Have a great week, 

Sister Allen

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