January 12, 2015

Week Fourteen-- Monday January 12, 2015

It's that time of the week again!

We've had a great week here in East Sacramento! Having a blast with Sister Kandare, crankin up the tunes (aka mormon tab) in the car. We've been talking with everyone and still searching for those that are ready for the gospel. One line that stood out to me in Preach My Gospel this week, "He will lead you to them or He will lead them to you." So true in this work and comforting that His hand is in every part of this work. 

Kirk is still doing really well, almost two weeks smoke-free! We're hoping to find an empty cigarette carton so that we can write scriptures on slips of paper, roll them up (to look like cigarettes) and put them in the box so when he gets the urge to smoke, he can pull one out and read the scripture instead. Can you imagine us little white girl mormon missionaries walking around gas stations trying to find a cigarette carton? "Oh, don't mind us, just looking for cigarette cartons!" What a sight, I'm sure. Hoping this will continue to help him! And he told us that he's going to Deseret Industries this week with the referral our bishop gave him to get a job. Keep him in your prayers that he gets hired! He is still loving the Book of Mormon and gaining his own testimony that it is true. 

Then the other exciting news from this week, we FINALLY had an appointment with Jeremy on Friday!! He was the man that came to church with a friend that lives all the way out in Napa that came to church with him to meet us...such a miracle. With the holidays and family issues getting in the way we weren't able to meet with last month but we had a great discussion with him. We met at the church with an awesome couple from the ward; he told us more about his religious background: raised Jewish but no longer practicing, he's been searching for a "higher power" for the past 10-15 years. There have been times that he's felt that in his life and how it has helped him feel calmer and have more faith versus the time that he hasn't had that in his life and has felt more fear. We taught the Restoration of the gospel; he had heard bits and pieces before but was able to hear the whole thing in one setting. The spirit was very strong; he has a lot of questions but is excited to meet with us this week. We gave him a book of mormon and are excited to teach the plan of salvation with him so that he can know he and his family can be together forever. The gospel is so wonderful, I love it and I love being a missionary. It definitely has its rough moments and hard days but sharing the gospel and see how it blesses people's lives is so rewarding. 

I went on exchanges on Saturday and we were on bikes the whole day, so much fun. I'm definitely sore but we had a great time! Both Sister Kandare and I spoke in church this Sunday. Can you guess what we spoke about? Yes, missionary work. It was a privilege to speak in front of the ward. We are continuing to try and strengthen the relationships we have with the members and hope that this will help. Last night, Sister Kandare had an interview with President Jardine. It was a very unique opportunity to be the only sisters to have a few minutes alone with our mission president. Such an inspired and humble man. Also, with the news of the splitting mission-we won't find out if we are moving to the new mission until it opens in June/July. So until that time we will still be focused on this mission and the work here. 

My time is short but hope everyone has a great week!

All my love, 
Sister Allen
Riding shotty!

 It's January and we are enjoying weather in the 50s and 60s. Thank youuuu California!

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