February 10, 2015

Week Eightteen-- Tuesday February 10, 2015

Hello all!

Congratulations to Brooke and Justin on new baby Olivia! I love the pictures and she is just beautiful! So happy for them

Well, we got the phone call last night: Sister Kandare and I are both staying another transfer in East Sacramento!!! We are so pumped to work together. We pranked our ward mission leader and told him we were both leaving, he was not happy. HA! We had a good laugh when we realized we were teasing him. 

It's been a great week! We helped Don again with his sheep but this time with the lambs! They were just darling! So fun to help him again, he's such a funny person. 

We've met with Dekontee twice this week! She's doing great; has a lot of questions so we are trying our best to help her understand and with the language barrier it's a little challenging. But she's opening up to us more and feels more comfortable talking with us. She came to church this past Sunday with her kids, Calvin who is 13 months is hilarious. He has such a personality; strutting around during sacrament meeting, going up to everyone. He's the sweetest. During gospel essentials, one of the members took him to nursery and he was in heaven with all of the toys and the snacks provided. But we were glad that both Calvin and Faith, who is 6 went to their own classes and Dekontee could enjoy the last two hours of church and listen to the lessons without a toddler all over the place. 

This weekend it rained and rained. We definitely need it. After it rained for the most part of the weekend, it cleared up and the sky was gorgeous so we took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot ;) 

Can't believe how fast February is flying; we have interviews with our mission president at the end of the month and then we found out today that we will be having a mission-wide conference in March with a member of the 12 apostles and a member of the seventy! Definitely not something that happens very often; we are assuming it's something to do with the mission split but still looking forward to such a cool opportunity. 

I will attach some of the photos we've taken this past week, but they will also be posted on the blog. I gotta run but hope everyone has a great week, thanks for all the fun updates! Talk with you more next week

Sister Allen 

Chasing after the lambs :)

Mary Poppins, anyone?


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