February 23, 2015

Week Nineteen-- Monday February 16, 2015

Hello! Happy belated valentines day! Hope everyone had a fun weekend.
Sister Kandare and I are doing great here in East Sacramento! Enjoying the beautiful weather here! The trees are blooming and we both keep saying how strange it is to see all of these blooming trees and flowers in February when we aren't used to them until April. Crazy how different things are just in the same country.

We've been staying busy which is always great. Lots of service for members in the ward and our weekly visit with Kirk and Colleen. It was his birthday on Friday and we went and "heart-attacked" his door. We took pictures but forgot the camera (of all days, darn it!) so we'll upload them next week. Dekontee is still doing great, still praying to find an answer for herself. She came to church yesterday but could only stay for the first hour. After she left, the lesson in gospel principles was on prayers and recognizing answers...seriously. We were so bummed she wasn't there to participate and learn during that lesson, but what can you do? God knows his children far better than we do, so we know she'll receive her answer when it's right. Our recent convert Betty came to one of the lessons and the two of them have really clicked, Dekontee loves having someone new to talk with that is also new in the mormon culture so she doesn't feel like the only one...
We visit a less active woman named Mickie in her 90s that can't come to church anymore because her health is so poor, so we stop by about once a week and sit with her while she talks and talks and talks and talks...I've discovered that as a missionary you spend almost half of your time sitting and listening to people not knowing what they're talking about half the time saying lots of "oh really?" "Wows" and "what a blessing" oh the joy. But we've been trying to get to know her care-taker Lorene a little better as well. She's interested in learning more about the church and has a lot of questions about the gospel but we have a hard time talking with her because Mickie gets a tad jealous that we are talking with Lorene instead of her...hopefully we can find a way to talk with both of them.

On Valentine's day we stopped by a single sister and share a quick thought with her. She's had a hard life and gets very lonely but loves when we stop by. She was telling us about a man that came by to help around the yard that she was flirting with HAHA. We asked how old he was and what his name was. She goes, "Oh, I don't remember his name but he's younger. You probably wouldn't know it but I love men that are younger! Imma cougar!"The people you meet here....Anyway, on Valentines day Brother gehrig offered to take us out to dinner (he's the older member in the ward that drove us way over to red lobster and we died almost three times in the car) but he called telling us he was sick so we actually went out to dinner with our bishop and his wife which was so much fun.
Anyway, I better get going but it's been a fun week! Please continue to keep Dekontee and the people in this area in your prayers. We are hoping and praying to continue to receive more that are ready and prepared for the gospel.
Have a great week,
Love Sister Allen 

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