March 30, 2015


I am amazed at how quickly the weeks go, the past few weeks feel like such a blur and somehow I am back here emailing again...

It's been a beautiful week in California, getting up into the 80s. I don't have a lot of time today but I did want to report back about Elder Bednar on Friday Wow, that was such a cool opportunity. We met as an entire mission (first time in a loooong time we've all been together) in Elk Grove, maybe 20-30 minutes from where we live in a big stake center. He came with Elder Lynn G. Robbins (he gave a talk last general conference "which way do you face?" great talk). We took a big group picture, which we are still waiting to get back. We all filed back into the chapel where Elder Robbins shared a few thoughts with us; he bore his testimony about how our Heavenly Father knows each of us individually, and that it wasn't an accident that we were assigned to the mission and areas in which we were serving. Always reassuring to hear when sometimes you don't feel like you are accomplishing much of anything except biking and walking around the same neighborhoods you've been in for six months. 

After, Elder Bednar took the rest of the time (about 2 1/2 hours or more) to talk and discuss with us, more interactive than we thought it would be! He had asked us to study and ponder three of his addresses that we would be discussing more while he was there: "Converted unto the Lord", "Ask in Faith" and "Seek Learning by Faith". I wish I could copy all of my notes and thoughts but it was a great discussion how we all need to be CONVERTED to this gospel, not just have testimonies of it. And remember that faith is a principle of action...we have to act in faith when we are faced with obstacles. 

He gave us the opportunity towards the end to ask him questions. Interesting to ask him mission and gospel related questions and hear his and Elder Robbins answers. One sister asked him a thought-provoking question that has stuck with me the past few days. She asked, with how the world and it's changing standards/morality, what do you feel will be the most difficult challenge for members of the church? He thought for a moment and his response to the question was not a specific issue but the answer was will you have faith in his plan? Will you have faith in our Heavenly Father that everything will work out in the end? It won't always go the way we wanted or the way we planned, there will be sadness and pain along the way, but will you trust him to know it will all work together in his timing. Definitely something we can all ponder and ask ourselves...

I wish that I could write more but time is short. Transfers is next week so I won't be writing until Tuesday and we will know by then where I will be the next six weeks. Curious to see what will happen!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Allen

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