March 30, 2015

Six months!

Somehow six months has come and gone...and I am off to a new area tomorrow! ​Up to El Dorado! I don't know much about the area, how big it is or anything so I will be sure to fill everyone in next week. Sister Kandare is TRAINING! So excited for her, and know that this will be such an exciting challenge for her and that she will work hard and help this new sister. It's a difficult area but I know the Lord is aware of us and will be aware of them and continue to guide them to those that are prepared for the gospel. 

On Saint Patrick's day, a couple had us over for dinner; they're older but hilarious people. The wife looks just like Lucille Ball and impersonates her at different shows. She has the hair, alll the outfits the whole she-bang. We saw some of her pictures around the house and you would have thought it was really Lucy from the show!  The first time we met them he gave both sister Kandare and I kisses on the cheek, we were both a little surprised when he did that haha but they had the whole meal prepared for us: the potatoes, cabbage, corned beef, the works. We were out biking that evening and going up the hill back to our apartment. EVERYONE bikes in Sacramento, like hard core. And right by our apartment is a really nice bike trail so we see tons of bikers. While we were huffing and puffing up the hill a huge pack of these bikers passed us...seriously nothing more embarrassing than a huge group of bikers passing you like it's no big deal while we huff and puff our way up the hill. In our skirts and helmets. With scriptures in our baskets. I kind of wanted to die, but welcome to the life of a missionary, lots of awkward moments but funny to write home about. 

We witnessed a miracle this past Sunday, one of our less-actives, Henry came to church! He was baptized almost two years ago but hadn't gone to church since last spring. We've been reading the Book of Mormon with him every week for the past 3-4 months and he decided to come and loved it! He said he will be back next week, we are keeping him in our prayers that as we continue to read with him that the spirit will continue to teach him and touch his heart and he will become more active. Such a cool experience to have him there. 

It's my last week with Kirk and Colleen tonight, definitely a bittersweet experience...sad not to see him get baptized while I was here but it'll happen eventually. The young men's president is a lawyer and has agreed to help with the logistics of this divorce so he can get baptized soon. Keeping him in my prayers as I say goodbye to them tonight. 

This past week has been pretty tough, lots of rejection and not so friendly people. I knew that I would be leaving so staying motivated and diligent after six months in the same area was a bit difficult. Yesterday we were out biking for a few hours in a rich area of the ward and tried to stop and talk with a man while he was working in his ward and he was so incredibly rude. It definitely hurts to feel and be so rejected. While we were biking, and with stupid tears starting to burn my eyes, I remembered that it isn't US these people are rejecting but Jesus Christ. My heart was so full thinking of him, and all of the rejection and pain that he has experienced and that he allows us to feel just a tiny sliver of what he has felt during this life. While we were in that area, we stopped by a less-active's home named Nancy. A few weeks before we had visited her and she told us that she had absolutely no desire to come back to church and we were wasting our time. She had told us that she was working on a huge jewelry sale where all of the profits would go to the American Cancer Society and we asked if we could help her with that and organize the jewelry. She was a little surprised when we offered to help, but she accepted. So when we came back, we asked if she needed help again and she was so excited to see us. It was such a tender mercy for her to let us in and help her, especially after talking with that man that had been so unkind. The Lord truly is aware of each of us. 

I better run, but happy everyone is doing well, exciting news about the move to Tennessee! I will be sure to keep that and everyone else in my prayers. Looking forward to writing next week with more about my new area and companion!

Love you all, 

Sister Allen

St Patrick's day dinner

Sister Kandare and I with Henry!

Service with the other sisters

After the temple. Love this girl to pieces

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