March 30, 2015

Hello El Dorado!

Hello from El Dorado!

I'm now serving in the El Dorado ward near Placerville with my companion Sister Tu'atonga who is from Hawaii. She has been out on her mission a transfer longer than me but has been serving in the ward for about 3 months. It's kind of hard getting to know the members and people we work with when they've her for the past few months. So I'm just off to the side...hey I'm the new sister...good stuff haha. I'm sure with time I'll feel more adjusted and settled.

Family, this area is straight up country, no joke. But it's so pretty here. It reminds me of southern Virginia/West Virginia with all of the rolling hills and green trees on both sides that extend for miles. We do a LOT of driving on windy roads to get to different people. A lot of the people in this area here are very well off, with these enormous homes The family we stay with live in this gorgeous beautiful home at the top of a hill that has a gorgeous view. 

The work in the stake is slow, but all of the missionaries know this when they're assigned here. I guess with how spread out everyone is people aren't really outside so contacting is very limited. But the members are very supportive here and are always willing to come out and work with us and refer us to their friends and families. We don't have very many investigators right now, but the stake is pushing part member families so we are working with quite a few of those. 

I'm looking forward to general conference this weekend and to hear from President Monson and the other general authorities. What a blessing it is to have a prophet on the earth who leads and guides us. I'm grateful for our Savior, especially at this time of year and his loving sacrifice for each of us. The church came out with a new video that I hope all of you will watch about Christ. 

Hope everyone has a great week, with love, 
Sister Allen

a few pictures from this past week of the area. Today as a zone we went on a hike around a lake 30-45 minutes away from where we live. 

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