April 6, 2015

Hello! Happy Easter Monday everyone! Sounds like everyone enjoyed Conference weekend. It's always a great way to spiritually recharge and hear the wise words of counsel, comfort and warning. 

We watched the first session at the member's house where we live; we were invited to a family Easter party so we had lunch with them, did a fun easter egg hunt with their kids and then watched the afternoon session when we got back. Sunday we were with some of the ward's recent converts Robert and Shilo, then after went to another family's house to watch the last session and have easter dinner. I loved the talks and look forward to the ensign next month to read and study their words. 

I hope you will forgive my honesty when I say it's been a difficult past two weeks trying to adjust to such a different area and different companion. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of fun but see things very differently when it comes to missionary work...I've been praying to know and understand why it is that I've been called to serve in this area, with this companion at this time. I was reminded during conference and while pondering after prayer that it's okay if I don't understand right now. I can find peace and comfort rather than pity and frustration in remembering that my Heavenly Father knows and in the right time all the answers will come; whether that's in the next few weeks, or months or not even until I return home. While we don't get to work with a lot of people that isn't an excuse to not work hard and continue to be diligent and obedient with what we CAN work with. I find comfort in knowing that the Lord knows my heart and my intentions and desire to work hard whether or not we actually do that. Despite having a rough couple of days the Lord has continued to shower me with blessings and tender mercies, I am truly grateful for the love he offers and the feelings of hope and comfort I have received knowing that everything will be alright. He is always, always, always teaching us and giving us opportunities to grow and stretch. So I'm welcoming and embracing this as another opportunity to streeeetch and grow way out of my comfort zone haha.

Anyway, thank you for the kind words of encouragement and love. Hoping to have a good week here and hope everyone else does as well!

All my love, 
Sister Allen 

Still can't get over the gorgeous sunsets

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