May 25, 2015

birthday celebrations

Hello one and all and happy memorial day!

Thank you so much for all of the fun birthday emails! The relief society president treated my companion and I to getting our nails done this morning and a gift card for chipotle for lunch. Tomorrow we have our mission-wide conference as we're trained how to use our ipads so it'll be a blast to see all of the missionaries! It sounds like there are some other birthday surprises on the way but I'm happy without them. Life is too good.

Sister Starnes and I had a really great week here, having a lot of fun together and enjoy staying busy and productive during the day. Our investigator, Linda, has had quite a few problems and challenges with her back so our lesson on Tuesday fell through but we asked her that day if she'd like a priesthood blessing. We went over on Wednesday with a member from the ward and it was such a powerful experience. The spirit was so strong and peaceful as he blessed her. She texted us the next day telling us how much better she was starting to feel. However, when we were there and talked more about the priesthood when she texted us the next day she told us how grateful she was for "prophet dold" to come give her a blessing...ha so we need to go over that one again that NO he is not a prophet, but a brother from the ward. Thursday we had an incredible district meeting and were committed to inviting 3 people to be baptized this week. We went back on Friday to see Linda and had a lesson with her reading in 3 Nephi 11 where Jesus Christ starts his ministry in North America. She's read from the Book of Mormon before but hadn't read any of that part yet, such a cool experience. AND THEN we invited her to be baptized and then she accepted! Woo! She doesn't have a date yet but we are so excited to continue studying and reading with her. There's something very special about her so please continue to keep her in your prayers!

Robert wasn't able to meet this weekend to read more from the scriptures but we're hoping we can meet with him this week.

On Saturday we split up for a few hours and our sister training leaders came into our area, so I got to spend a few hours with sister hickman! I attached a picture, I just love her so much. Excited to see her, Sister Kandare and all my favorite sistas tomorrow!

Life is happy and good, I'm feeling so grateful for all of the blessings and tender mercies the Lord has given me. I've made it a goal to write in a gratitude journal each morning and today I took a few extra minutes to write 22 things (cheesy, forgive me haha) I've been grateful for as of late:

1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ and his atonement, a living prophet on the
earth today and modern day temples
2. My incredible family
3. Studying and reading from the Book of Mormon every day
4. Cherished friends back home and the ones I've met since being on my
5. Laughter
6. The peaceful countryside where I serve
7. Writing letters back and forth with mission friends and companions
8. Fresh hydrangeas and flowers members give us
9. Gardening and weeding for members
10. Apple butter and homemade raspberry jam
11. Pictures, emails and handwritten letters from loved ones back home
12. Two beautiful new nieces and eight other happy and healthy nieces and
13. Witnessing the gospel bless and change people's lives-including my own
14. Discovering new interests and hobbies that I love
15. Priesthood blessings
16. Tender mercies and answered prayers
17. Making s'mores in the backyard with members
18. Our jeep (that we named Mindy!) provided by the mission
19. Life's challenges and opportunities to continue growing and moving
20. Sharing stories and happy memories with companions
21. The nostalgic sound of a bedside fan at nighttime
22. Homegrown tomatoes and watermelon

Family, i just love this gospel and know that it is true! I love being a
missionary and for the privilege it is to share this with others, it's hard
but so rewarding. Hope you all have the best week!

Love, Sister Allen


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