June 1, 2015

new month//new transfer!

​Hello one and all! Can't believe that it's May! Happy birthdays to both Eliza and Abbie! The news on transfers: I'm staying and Sister Tu'atonga is going down to Manteca. We also found out that my companion and i will be the only sisters in the zone with 14 other elders...that'll be interesting for sure. 

It's been a good week!  We've been making great progress with some less active families, both single moms actually. The one, Ashley has two little boys. We've been reading from the bible with her and a neighbor that isn't a member over the last few weeks. They both expressed to us that they wanted to have more of an understanding of the bible before they read from the Book of Mormon...so we've been confused as to what their needs are and helping them understand that we're happy to read and study with them but our primary calling is helping people receive the restored gospel which of course is the book of mormon. Last week we set up a time to meet with them and had to explain we're happy to read and study with them but that we're called to teach the restored gospel. They were understanding of that but we told them about a bible study class that a member from the stake holds and they were very excited about that. So hopefully that continues to go well for them, we're just happy to be making contact with them and bringing the spirit into their home. 

The other family, Judy and her daughter Andie who is 17 but they haven't been to church in about a year or so. She is graduating from high school early and was set on going to an art school in New Mexico but a few days after we stopped by her mom called us to tell us that Andie has  changed her mind and applied to BYU-Hawaii! I guess the spirit we brought and the excitement we both had for BYU-I/ and with Sister Tu'atonga being from Hawaii made her realize she wanted to be around good people with good standards. So we're excited for her and praying she'll be accepted to start school this fall! 

We moved into a new home this last week, the previous house we were in was enormous so this house being smaller is definitely an adjustment. But the sister is hysterical. We came to see the house before we moved in and the first room there's a queen and then a double bed. When we asked where we were going to study she asks, study for what? Um...we're missionaries...we study everyday for two hours. She just stared at us and then threw out a few ideas of where we could study, like in front of a dresser and just straddle the front of it on a chair. Uh, no thanks. Thankfully a member from the ward brought us over a few desks that we could put in a different room so we can have a quiet and private place to study every morning. 

On Thursday we added a new investigator! Her name is Linda, she was investigating the church several years ago but her husband wasn't ready to commit. Her husband isn't in the picture any more and she still reads from the book of mormon. So we're excited about her and are going back on Thursday. Keep her in your prayers!

Another fun miracle to report: my first weekend up here we met a less active named Robert who is in his 50s and hasn't been to church in years but the rest of his family is very active in the church. Last week we tried to contact a potential that lives on the same property and he came out to talk with us. As we were talking, he goes inside and brings out a gospel principles book and tells us he's been reading from it! I asked if he'd be interested in studying from that and the book of mormon each week and he said yes! Something he's ready for in his life. So we'll meet with him this week and are grateful for whatever experiences that have happened in his life that have prepared him to come back to the church. 

On Friday we had our monthly training and talked and discussed "success". How there is worldly success and then there is Godly success. Such a good discussion and wonderful reminder that in the Lord's work it isn't all about the numbers, the baptisms etc but your desire to help others come closer to the restored gospel (see president uchtedorf's talk from the priesthood session "on being genuine" soo good). Great to be with all the missionaries in the zone and have that discussion.

This weekend we went to go see a less active family and they showed us their food storage. Who needs Utah, because that was the most impressive food storage I've ever seen! However, i will say when you  have canned pork, hamburger helper and meat loaf, you might be going just a bit too far haha. 

I better get going but looking forward to this new transfer and a new companion. Grateful for this gospel and to be a part of the Lord's work!  Hope everyone has a great week!

All my love,
Sister Allen

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