June 16, 2015

Hello hello!

Crazy that it's June! Wow.

We've had a good week here; my birthday was so much fun! Thank you for
all of the fun emails and cards. It was a blast seeing previous companions and other missionaries all on the same day for our mission-wide conference. Some of the sisters planned a picnic before the conference started to celebrate, so it was fun to spend a few extra minutes with them. Rumor on the street is that we will have our ipads in the next few days so that we will have them for our zone conference this Friday. We're all anxious to find out who is staying in the Sacramento mission and who will be leaving at the end of the month for the Modesto mission.  But the fun news about the ipads is we can have and update blogs, so I'll be able to update and write more on that, wahoo!

I've been keeping the house selling in my prayers and heard about all of the crazy rain/flooding in Texas, hope that Justin and his family are doing okay!

Sister Starnes and I had a good week here, kind of slow but we've been staying busy. Unfortunately we weren't able to meet with Robert or Linda this week, but we're staying positive that we will this week. Our stake president that went out with us a few weeks ago and introduced us to a few families has asked that we go over again to invite them over for dinner at his house next week in hopes that we can start teaching a few. We've been trying to come up with some outside the box ideas to be teaching more people and more families, so keep that in your prayers!

I have to tell you about the adventure from Friday. Oh my. We were starting our weekly planning at the kitchen table when Sister Nardoni comes in and tells us this woman she just met has been meeting with missionaries. We didn't know who she was talking about, but a minute later this lady walks in with Dana, our recovering drug addict next door neighbor (yes, I know) and they show her to the bathroom to take a shower. Apparently Dana met this woman in prison but she's now homeless and saw her hiding in a bush, so naturally they decided to bring her home...Mike (sister nardoni's husband) was NOT having it and didn't want her in the house, so the next best idea for this woman was to sleep was either in the chicken coop or under the peach tree. We went upstairs to finish planning but a while later, sis nardoni is yelling at us to come down the stairs. I guess while they were getting her settled (as settled as a person can be in a chicken coop) she starts having a seizure! So we're running around calling 911 and getting this lady some water. The paramedics come and we're just standing there, and they're looking at us like, what the heck are these Mormons doing here anyway? So they took her to the hospital but sister nardoni reallyyy wanted us to come to pray with her after our dinner appointment. So we went over and it soon became this huge complication as to know what to do with this poor lady who had no where to go...she says she's met with missionaries before and is very interested in learning about the gospel so we'll see what happens. Goodness the situations you find yourself in as a missionary!

Then Sunday night we had dinner with a less active/ part member family that claims to not be members of the church at all and the teenage kids were not happy we were there at all...oh the joy. But the daughter was surprisingly very interested when we brought up trek and told her she could go if she would like to go. I was shocked to hear a 16 year old girl saying she wanted to go on trek where you don't shower for 3 days, wearing long dresses in the sweltering heat, pulling a handcart with a pretend baby crying on your back. So we'll see if she goes!

So, needless to say it's been an interesting week. I'm grateful to be here, and I'm grateful for my companion that laughs with me along the way and is helping me to refine and challenges me to be better. I love her for that.

Hoping everyone has a great week, stay happy and stay safe!

Love, Sister allen

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