August 24, 2015

life is beautiful!

​Hello, hello!

Guess what today is? My 11 month mark! Crazy how quickly the time flies. Thanks for all of the fun emails from this week! Hearing about everyone's lives and how things are going sure makes this sister's heart happy.

so only a few things to update about. Sister Amos and I made several trips down to the mission office this week, so lots of driving (we live about 35 minutes away).  I attached a picture, we really LOVE traffic.

We had our first exchange on Wednesday. We steward a trio that serve in Galt in our zone that isn't doing too well. Combining missionaries from two different missions has been far more challenging than we all anticipated. Sister Pisa has been serving in Galt for almost 6 months now and is companions with two sisters that were from the Fresno mission. Both sisters only have 2 transfers left so it's been a challenge for Sister Pisa being out only 9 months but leading the area and being companions with not just one but two sisters from a different mission that have a very different way of working. She's not the best at communicating with companions and opening up or discussing issues so it's been hard for all of them to try and work with the spirit when they won't talk to each other. So Sister Pisa decided that she wanted to talk with our mission president, her district leader (also from Fresno who has a very dominating personality and passion for the work) didn't want her to go but she asked us to take her anyway. So while Sister Amos and I took Sister Pisa down to Modesto the other two sisters felt that they needed to talk with their district leader about some things, we still don't know what happened with that. But they seem to be doing better! 

Victor couldn't find a ride to church so he wasn't able to come yesterday but we were in opening exercises for young women when Melissa, Victor's friend that introduced us tells everyone, "and Victor's baptism is on the 19th! So everyone be there!" We didn't even know he'd picked a date! So looks like Victor's getting baptized in less than a month. We've still got quite a bit to teach him but Melissa told us that he knows the church's standing about gay marriage which she said he's okay with. Please keep him in your prayers that we can meet with him this weekend to keep teaching him before then. 

While we were in young women's the lesson was on dating. The teacher asked if they'd all plan a group date by Christmas. One girl who's extremely shy says, "No! I can't do that! That doesn't give me enough time!" Haha definitely one of my favorite lines from the week. Then the other day we were at a member's house and their 4 year old was coloring a letter "o" page and he came over to show me. He says "hey sister, look at my o page!" and I said "you're using an orange crayon. What letter does that start with?" And this kid is stylin, like I didn't know 4 year olds could look so stylish but he sure does with his cool hair and his little outfits. So he just looks at me, raises an eyebrow and says looking at the page then looking at his orange crayon and just says " know." Oh man I about died, those little personalities slay me.

We helped a sister out in her yard this weekend, one that I've grown especially close to. She's only been a member for about 2 years but you'd never guess, it's like she's been a member her whole life. She has a really unhappy marriage but they're both older so he doesn't really have anywhere to go. While we were weeding together she reminded us how important it is to find a good spouse to take us to the temple ya da ya da. And even though she won't be sealed in this life she looks forward to being sealed in the next life, which none of us really know how that will work. So she just says, in the mean time there are flowers to plant; fruit to pick; books to read; clothes to sew and people to see. And I though to myself I need to be more like Bonnie. She could choose to be unhappy and grumpy about life and her circumstances, making everyone around her unhappy as well; but instead she chooses to be positive and finds the beauty in life. I know that missionary life is very different than regular life and while it can be monotonous there's really so much beauty and simplicity to find in everyday. I wish I could punch Satan in the face-especially last week, but when you focus on finding the beauty around you and engulf yourselves in the gospel and service of others it's amazing to see how much richer and happier life is. 

So anyway, just dipping into my deep well of thoughts. Looking forward to this week and what the Lord has in store. Hope everyone has a good one as well!

All my love, 

Sister Allen 

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