August 17, 2015

and so another week begins

And so another week begins. I swear the weeks and transfers go by faster and faster. I can't believe it's been almost 11 months. Make it stop! 

It was hard saying goodbye to Sister Wilson and the members were sad to see her go.  Sister Amos and I had a good week though! On the real, it's been super hot but we're managing!  She has a brown belt in tae kwno do so while she's out there on the lawn doing her thing for exercise I get to run around the member's lawn. I've never been happier. Shout out to my main lady Sister Kandare for helping me appreciate running in the mornings. Tuesday night we had a great lesson with a part member family. The dad isn't a member but the mom and her two teenage daughters are very active. Funny story; the sister is from Argentina but she actually served her mission in the DC south mission and the springfield ward was her first area! I rambled off a few names of the members that have lived there for a long time and she remembered some! The dinner went well, that was probably the first time that I'd had dinner with a part member family that the non-member actually stayed with us for the meal AND the lesson. I'm so used to this awkward tension where the non member is there but isn't too thrilled that the missionaries are there. He came to our ward camp out this weekend and he ward is well aware of this brother, we all know (and he knows too) that'll get baptized at some point when he's ready. But such a great guy and family man. 

Hayle came back from a rehab center that helps with depression and she was so much happier, amazing the difference. Just really hoping that it'll stick. One of our recent converts, Jim, has a wife, Evita that had a similar experience as Hayle. Joined as the only member in her family as a teenager, didn't come for several years but when she came back to church found out how much joy and happiness is found in living and loving the gospel. Evita was recently called to be the miamaid advisor in young women's, perfect since Hayle is 14 so we're trying to find a way to get Hayle over to Evita's home and to open up and trust her. She's very closed off to adults, especially the leaders in the ward. 

I'm not sure if I wrote much the other week about the woman Katrina that came into the church about two weeks ago. She works for pep boys where we get our cars serviced and I guess a few months ago, sisters were talking to her about our purpose in life, eternal families etc. Her 18 year old daughter had just died and was feeling so angry at god and had so many questions about life and death. So about two weeks ago she went to the church, thankfully one of the clerks was there and he called us with her information. We met with her on tuesday at church where she just sobbed and sobbed. I've never taught someone who just sobbed for like 45 minutes. We were able to share more with her from the bible and book of mormon about life and what happens when we die. She's interested in learning more but doesn't have the best work schedule. So we're hoping to find a time to continue meeting with her this week. 

We had a ward camp out on Friday night that Victor came to. I made a s'more and it was the best thing on this planet. A member gave us all a ride and the second he got there he ditched us to go hang out with the other teenagers, perfect. Haha so glad that he's feeling comfortable and at home. We were all ready to teach the rest of plan of salvation and discuss the law of chastity with him but he didn't show up to church yesterday. Not sure why but hoping to get in touch with him today. 

All in all, it's been a good week. Looking forward to starting exchanges this week with the other sisters and staying happy and busy. Thanks for the fun emails and pictures from everyone and keeping me posted! 

Hope you all have a safe and happy week!

Love to you all, 

Sister Allen

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