August 3, 2015

Oh what a week. I was telling Emily (my sister) that this week has been wonderful and heartbreaking and exhausting and everything in between but I won't really go into detail. But i'm doing okay. 

Tuesday we had another MLC, while we were on our way back up to Lodi we stopped in Manteca to heart-attack and surprise some of our sisters bedroom with their favorite candy. We also went on exchanges with the sisters that are serving in Galt. 

Hayle decided to go to a health facility down in southern California that will help with her depression so we won't see her for a month. We're really hoping that this will help her with everything that she is dealing with. This week was kind of hectic, so we didn't get a chance to see the Allen's so hopefully we will this week. We had a great lesson with Victor yesterday! We asked if he's been thinking about our invitation to be baptized and he says he has and it's something he really wants! He was telling us that his mom doesn't want him to and that he wants to wait until he turns 18, so we were worried for a second but then he told us he turns 18 next month! We still have a lot to teach him, but keep him in your prayers, especially as we address the law of chastity/homosexuality. 

Roberto came to church yesterday. He was the deaf member that we saw here in Lodi that was going to my ward back in east sac. He kept the note we gave him with the address and time on it. I really wish I could talk with him! He was only in Lodi for the day but wanted to come to church. There are no coincidences in the Lord's work, so there has to be a reason he keeps popping up...

Sorry for the short email, transfers are next week; we're all curious to see what will happen and how our mission president will be mixing and blending us all up. Until next week, 

Sister Allen

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