September 7, 2015

labor day!

​Oh the memories of labor day weekend...the anticipation of starting school the next day; putting together the perfect first day outfit and going to the store to buy our favorite sack lunch foods (lunchables anyone?). I hope that it is a relaxing and enjoyable day for you all. I'm loving the pictures and fun updates on everyone so thank you!

It's been a good week for Sister Amos and I. Monday was such a good day, everyone sent the kindest emails, pictures, care packages. The Lord and his tender mercies are too good. I've been having a hard time these past few weeks; trying to be strong, trying to be put together but I'll be honest that it's been hard to have a companion so different than you, that struggles with her health that needs extra rest and to go at a slower pace than you'd like. It's been challenging to steward and lead over a trio that is a complete nightmare- constantly having problems with one another and knowing that as much as we try, as many exchanges that we go on, the only way they will be able to solve the problems they have is with each other. So despite the challenges, it's given me the time to self-reflect on what's really important and what matters most. I was debating a few days ago what was more important: pushing my companion so that we could go out and work despite her not feeling well and struggling to keep up OR serve her, give her the patience and love that she really needs right now and find peace that the Lord understands both of our limitations...I think it's pretty clear which is better of the two options. Yes, this is his work, and yes we are his instruments to carry out the work, but he cares about us as individuals as much as he does about the work for his other children. And he's probably exercising that same patience (if not more) with ME that I'm trying to offer her so who am I to not give that same patience and love and mercy for her as well as these other sisters? Or to at least try my best. And through all of this it's given me the opportunity to get to know my savior better; to really know him and not just know about him. To learn not only about what he did but WHO he is and his perfect example of compassion, reverence, and love for all of us and how we can try to emulate his character. So in the end it all works out and will all be okay, right?

Victor is doing awesome. We took him to a baptism on Tuesday and he loved it. We were so glad that we could take him to see what the baptism was like before his on Saturday. He had his baptismal interview with our mission president yesterday that I was pretty nervous about. But it went great! No problems at all! Victor has had the speakers and the hymns he wants to sing for his baptism picked out for a few weeks so it's safe to say he's ready and excited! Please keep him in your prayers that all will go well this week and weekend without any bumps along the way. 

We have a meeting tomorrow with president for all the sisters since we will all be training in the next two weeks. We're curious to see how it will all come together but I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to be with a new sister and to learn from this experience as I learned so much during my training. 

Well that's about it for now, hope that everyone has a happy and safe week.

Until next week, 

Sister Allen

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