September 14, 2015

that one time victor got baptized

Wow what a week! Victor got baptized on Saturday! It was his birthday that day as well and when we asked him what time he wanted the service he was like, what's the earliest we can do it? So cute. I attached a photo with us, our bishop who baptized him and Melissa who was the one to first invite him to seminary. Our mission president feels strongly that at a baptismal service they should be invited to bear their testimony. When Victor was interviewed by president last week he asked Victor if he'd like to do that and he was all for it. So after the talks he got up there and read his testimony. You could tell he was really nervous but that testimony really was the best part. He expressed that at an early age he had been wanting to know where he could find more purpose and peace in his life and it was later through his friends at school that were members of the church who seemed to be so much happier and peaceful. When he was invited to attend seminary, start reading scriptures and say prayers he knew that this was what he was looking for. Victor had asked us to get him a triple combination so we gave that to him on Saturday with our testimonies on the inside and he came to church with it. So stinkin' cute, I can't get over how happy and clean he looked.  He was confirmed a member and given the spirit by Brother Crum who has been to a few of the lessons with us and was ordained as a priest as well! We're excited to continue meeting with on Sundays to review the lessons with him. 

So that was the main thing from this week, yay for him. There have been some pretty bad fires and some of the missionaries and members had to be evacuated. Please keep them in your prayers. 

After we came home from the baptism, the members we live with were cleaning out their garage and asked if we wanted to go for a ride in their 1928 ford something with a corvette engine. They're in their 80s and hysterical. 

The ward had a variety show on Saturday night which was very entertaining. We have some really great members so it was fun to spend some time with them. Victor played his clarinet! 

It's been ridiculously hot here...113 degrees if you can believe it. Some of the members have fall wreathes and decorations put up so I'm praying that these decorations will send some cooler fall- weather vibes our way. 

There are several older brothers in the ward that treat me like a granddaughter, I die everytime talking with them. "Commheree Sister Allen!" And they'll reach for my hand and hold it the way grandpas do or reach for a hug (as I try to tell them I can't really hug them) or to pat my cheek. I went up to a one that I hadn't talked with before and he kept reaching for my hand and saying "don't you have the prettiest face? Just the prettiest face...." Thank you brother. They crack me up.  

On Tuesday we attended an all sister meeting with President, his wife and the assistants. It'll sure be interesting to see how everything comes together with the sisters coming in and some of the sisters who are really struggling right now. It's going to be a good week here, not a whole lot going on but we have a few people we're working with but always on the look out for more. Thank you so so much for your love and prayers especially for his baptism. Hope everyone has a great week!

Until Monday, 
Sister Allen


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