February 8, 2016

What's the Super Bowl?

I heard that the Broncos won and that Coldplay performed. Woo. Holidays and major sporting events don't really exist on the mission so way to go for them!

This week was pretty quiet, so not a whole lot to report on. I was sick last weekend and poor Sister Munns was sick both Tuesday and Wednesday. We got in touch with Cameron who is going to school in a different part of the stake but comes back to Mountain House couple days a week to be with her dad, so keep it in your prayers that we'll be able to set something up with her this week. On both Friday and Saturday we had some unexpected interviews with President we had to go down to the office for. Nothing to worry about, we're fine just a few kinks that needed to be worked out. I'm coming to realize as the days and weeks go, how this transfer is turning into my refiner's fire. Oh the refining. 

Last week I mentioned my plan, but didn't go into too much detail so I'll explain now. Over the past few months we've been told about a new program from the church for missionaries. There will be an activity for missionaries to do before they enter the field, an activity halfway, and then 6 activities missionaries are to complete during their last transfer (so an activity for each week). And when I first heard about these activities, I thought it would be a one or two question thing that you answer. Hoo boy, was I wrong. It's very detailed, very thought out and so inspired. The six activities include: Remember and become; my vision and goals; continuing discipleship; self-reliance; dating and temple marriage and my plan. It's more time consuming than I thought it would so I usually come to the family history center on Monday to work on this for studies and spend time on Thursdays when we're at the church for district meeting. I don't really tell people that I'm going home in the next month until they ask me how long I've been out. It's the same reaction every time. "So sisters, how long have you been out again?" Sister Munns will tell them almost 5 months. I will awkwardly pause, "um a little over 16 months" They look at me, remember that ours are only 18 months. Their eyes get big, "OH! So you're about to go home!" And from that point start grilling me with questions about my plans for after the mission, if I'm writing anyone etc. Then they continue to give you tons and tons of advice and counsel about what I need to do when I get home, mostly dealing with marriage.  Problem is that it's NEVER the same advice. Sometimes they tell you to jump right into dating, while others tell you to take your time and to go have adventures. When they find out I'm not writing anyone that start hinting at sons on missions or cousins or nephews. NO THANK YOU. Some couples tell me about how they got engaged after dating for 3 weeks and then others tell me about couples they know after 35 years of marriage the husband or wife joined a cult and they got divorced. WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT. At this point I'm kind of hyperventilating because I just want to think and focus on being a full-time missionary while I still can. Please?! I appreciate the words of wisdom and I'll apply it or at least take it into consideration when I get home, but hearing all of this advice makes me realize how little I know about life and love and finance and ah. My brain can't handle it. So I'll just stay in my little missionary bubble, stay under this rock, continue to do my plan which is the counsel and advice from prophets, seers, and revelators that I really need to be focusing on right now and take this one day at a time. So yes, that is my plan. It's great. 

We had an interesting lesson with our investigator Anthony on Monday. We went to go over to read with his family that are active members in the ward, we didn't realize he was home so he came out from his bedroom as we're reading from the chapters they'd stopped at. 2nd Nephi during the Isaiah chapters...our worst nightmare. He sat down on the couch as we're reading from chapter 23 starting in verse 16, "Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled and their wives ravished....how do you even explain that?! Thankfully, we also read chapter 25 where Nephi breaks it down and simplifies things and reminds us that it all comes back to Christ and his atonement (see verse 26). We had a great discussion and answered some of his questions and set up a return appointment for tonight. So even though it started a little awkward, turned out to be okay. 

I wish there was more to report on but again, this week was slower so we're looking forward to the start of a new week. 

Hope that everyone has a great week!

Sister Allen

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