January 1, 2015

Week Twelve-- Thursday January 1, 2015

Happy happy new year! Can you believe that it's 2015?! I am amazed! So excited for this new year and all that Heavenly Father has in store!

Well, Christmas day was wonderful. I am blessed with the most wonderful and supportive family. It was so fun to talk with everyone and see all of my nieces and nephews. Can't believe that there will two more in just a few months, how fun. After talking with the family, we were given permission from our mission president to leave our area and go to a different part of the mission (something that typically isn't approved but we were given the okay on!) and spent the rest of the day with our ward mission leader's family that lives about an hour from us. We spent the day hiking, talking, eating, you know the usual things you do on Christmas day :)

Coming home at the end of the day, knowing that regular life would continue was bittersweet, I'll be honest...but that's the mission life, right? We have a new investigator that we've met with twice. Not sure if I've mentioned him before but his name is Ely from the Philippines. Moved to Sacramento about 10 years ago; he doesn't have much of a religious background so we are excited to continue working with him. 

This past week my companion, Sister Phothiworn was transferred to a different area, so say hello to my new companion, Sister Kandare! She's been out about six months and is from North Carolina. We are already having so much fun together and are very excited to work hard together in this area. We are wanting to set goals that will really stretch us and make us grow so we don't stay in our comfort zones. She is a hard-working missionary so we are looking forward to see how we can build this area up during the time that we have. It's exciting to start the new year with a new companion and to hold one another accountable to the different goals that we have for one another and as a companionship. 
Last night for New Year's Eve all of the missionaries got together to play games and sports, Sister Kandare and I thought that it wasn't a party without some Martinelli, so we brought some to share with the other missionaries :) 

Time is limited, but keep us in your prayers that we will work hard and find those that are ready for this gospel! Now that the holidays are behind us we are ready to work, work, work!

Love you all!
Keep the faith and keep smiling, 
Sister Allen

New companion! Starting the year off right with some bubbly ;)

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